Mineshaft Dynamite Blast

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Tap and hold Space (or Left mouse) to drop dynamites.

Game Details

Mineshaft Dynamite Blast

Have you tried Mineshaft Dynamite Blast yet? This mildly addictive one-touch game is described as "one of the top five mining games released in 2016" – it's something you might not want to miss.

Here, your goal is to dig a hole as deep as possible; and in order to achieve that, you have to place dynamites. Get ready for the explosion? Take control of a miner who is attempting to propel himself up and down a dark mineshaft by using the lift. Ask him to fill his bucket with TNT, and then you will release the brake to cause the miner to bungee down the shaft. Be careful when braking, or your character will smack into the bottom (or the top) at speed. Throw the dynamite to clear paths in the right timing to achieve the possibility of gaining extra powerful bombs.

Keep the mining process in Mineshaft Dynamite Blast continues as many times as possible. Time to sin against the Earth, guys!

Date Added: 2016-11-21

Category: Mine Games

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