The A, W, S and D keys or the arrow keys for movement.
Use the spacebar to jump.
Use the mouse to hit targets and build.
Use the R key to change building tools.
Use the number 1 or 2 key to select blocks to build.

Game Details


Hi everyone! Today, Miocraft emanating from the Minecraft world will bring you all a wonderful environment where your dreamy and fantastic projects can be carried out. Not only that, you will be attracted by its 3D graphic and absorbing content. Let’s get access to Miocraft and enjoy it now, all players! It’s further interesting that necessary materials for building have been supplied before. By pressing the number 1 or 2 key, and the R key, the players can easily select suitable blocks and tools for the building process. Further, the game allows them to travel everywhere so as to find a perfect location for their constructions. Don’t hesitate any longer! Show us that you are cool architects in Miocraft, players! Come on!

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