Moon Miner




The arrow keys are to control the spaceship.
Space bar is to mine gold.

Game Details

Moon Miner

Hey, guys! How do you feel when flying your spaceship to discover the Moon? Wow! It is so cool, right? Want to make the journey and explore it now? Let’s enjoy a very fantastic game – Moon Miner to start the adventure. In the game, players not only visit and see the Moon, but also collect hundreds of gold ores. Wow! How awesome it is! Hurry up to begin your journey right now, guys. Get in the spaceship and fly to the Moon. After reaching the destination, the players can use this spaceship to mine gold. Look! The sparkling gold ores appear in front of your eyes. Let’s go and collect them. During the search, watch out for the national space administration. They will patrol every second. Never let the spaceship hit them, or its health will be progressively weaker. Hope you pick up all of the gold ores and complete the level soon, guys. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-06-02

Category: Free Minecraft

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