Mother Load




The arrow keys are to move the driller.

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Mother Load

One day, John heard scientists’ story that there were so many precious treasures on Mars. Thus, now he wants to explore it and collect those minerals and bring them back to the earth for processing. He created a very powerful driller for his journey. Right now, he is ready for his search. How about you? Want to discover how beautiful the Mars is and gather all of the minerals? Come on and play Mother Load to start the adventure. Once putting your feet on Mars, please hurry up to mine and collect the treasures because you do not have much time. This driller can fly, so if it runs out of the fuel, get hurried to fly on the surface and boost the energy. The deeper players dig, the more valuable the treasures they encounter. Have fun, guys!

Date Added: 2014-05-27

Category: Free Minecraft

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