Mustached Driller




Move and dig by using the left mouse.

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Mustached Driller

Desiring to become a wealthy man, you ought to be in Mustached Driller so as to discover treasures and valuable ores. It's amazing to become a brilliant miner here. Let's go!

It's easy to see that an old adventurer is the main character in the game, and his trip will be very challenging because he must dig down under the ground. The lift is supposed to be the only machine for this mining. Guide him there and press the down arrow to help him discover the under ground. In detail, just let him travel everywhere and mine minerals or ores like coal, iron, gold, and more. It's noticeable that once the inventory is filled with those items, let's visit the shop to exchange them for cash.

Come on! Whether the old adventurer can be wealthy or not depends on your support. No matter how difficult his trip is, let's help him, guys! Enter Mustached Driller immediately!

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Category: Mine Games

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