My Blocks



Use the A, S, D and W keys or the arrow keys to move.
Use the mouse to break blocks and build.
Use the spacebar to jump.
Use the R key to change tools.
Use the number 1 and 2 keys to choose blocks to build.

Game Details

My Blocks

At times, going along streets of the city and admiring great buildings, you hope that you will become excellent architects or constructors in order to create the more beautiful and prominent ones, right? If yes, My Blocks is exactly for those who love the work of building and creativeness like you. It’s worth trying the game because it allows every player to freely found his own world with hundreds of amazing structures. This is originally regarded as an open world. All what the players can do there is to roam everywhere, use available materials to create many different constructions and devastate blocks to make space for their projects. It’s believed that the 3D picture of the game will easily interest you at the beginning. Let’s try it now!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

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