Pixel Box 2



The mouse is to build structures.

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Pixel Box 2

Guys, are you so excited to look forward to the latest version of Pixel Box? How do you feel when playing this first version? It is so great, right? Don’t wait anymore! The newest version Pixel Box 2 has been launched in current days, and made Minecraft lovers addicted. Take the chance and enjoy its interesting innovations, guys. There will be more tools, items, and furniture. The background is more beautiful and vivid than ever. Wow! It is so wonderful. Let’s go and express your marvelous world in this cool version. Firstly, players need to choose a variety of blocks at the bottom to create brilliant structures they desired. They can build a nice house, a majestic castle, a luxurious mansion, or whatever they can do. After that, place pretty items and furniture inside the house to make it warmer. Don’t forget to decorate a gorgeous scene for it by planting colorful flowers and trees. Enjoy your own world, guys!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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