Platform Minecraft



ASDW keys are to move.
The space bar is to attack.

Game Details

Platform Minecraft

If you are a truly faithful Minecraft fan, come on and help a Minecraft boy right now. He is getting stuck in a dangerous maze full of wavy paths. Until now, he has not known what to do. If you have any cool tactics, explore Platform Minecraft to save your boy. He will be very happy once you take him out of the maze. Are you confident in yourself that you can complete your duty well? Let’s go and prove your ability now! At first, players have to guide the boy through all of the dangerous areas to reach the exit soon. During the adventure, he can jump on creatures’ heads to overcome the high areas. Don’t forget to follow the direction of a magnet on his head to find the right exit. Never get into the wrong gate, or the boy will fall into deep holes, and the adventure is over. When reaching green exit, a creeper appears. Try to beat it and get out of the maze, guys. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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