Pyramid Adventures




Arrow keys are to move.
The Z key is to fire stun gun.
The X key is to throw grenades.

Game Details

Pyramid Adventures

In Pyramid Adventures, some forces have made mummies wake up, and now they are moving in the pyramid and punish explorers trespassing on this sacred place. The young boy is one of these explorers, and he is required to protect others because he is the only one keeping the gun.

Come on! Make an adventure to the pyramid to save the boy and his companions right now, players! In this action game, as you know, the protagonist is trying to slay the mummies and not to let them touch anyone. If they grapple him, they will take control of him and kill him. That's why the players' cleverness and good skills are necessary for smoothing the adventure. Aim the gun and shoot at them exactly. Further, throw grenades whenever they are too crowded, remember.

Get hurried to uncover the idea of Pyramid Adventures and begin the adventure in a sacred zone – Pyramid in Egypt.

Date Added: 2015-04-22

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