Relic Of War




The left mouse is to train units and send them to the battlefield.
The ASDW keys are for scrolling the screen.
The spacebar is to switch between unit training and support tab.

Game Details

Relic Of War

Relic Of War is an addictive and wonderful action game which simulates one of the areas where the Great War took place in 1947 and seemingly never ended. Today, you are invited to experience such amazing game as a talented commander to change the face of war according to your favorites. Wow! What are you waiting for? Explore it at once! Participating in Relic Of War, players are asked to train the home army by hiring soldier units along with sending them to the battleground to attack and defeat the enemies. Interestingly, after acquiring some particular achievements, let’s unlock and purchase new technology, more powerful equipments, units, and weapons which will help lead the home army to victory. Get started right away!

Date Added: 2014-09-23

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