Ricks Minecart Dash




Press Up arrow to jump.

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Ricks Minecart Dash

What’s fun in Rick's Minecart Dash? This game takes you to the dangerous adventure of Rick – the adventurer. What kind of journey is he rushing into? Do you want to join him for a moment?

To complete the journey in this fast-paced game, the players need to use a minecart. The major objective is to stay as long as you can on the trail while controlling your unstoppable cart. There’s no brake, remember! Your vehicle keeps running, and the speed will gradually increase as the game progresses. The key to conquer this terrified adventure is JUMPING. Look! Tons of hazardous obstacles are ahead. You have to jump quickly to avoid crashing into those spikes; otherwise, you’ll die, meaning the game is over. Seems quite easy, huh?

Can you finish the journey in Rick's Minecart Dash while still staying in the cart safely? Have much fun!

Date Added: 2016-11-22

Category: Mine Games

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