Shot Firer




Move by using arrow keys.
The spacebar is for some combinations.

Game Details

Shot Firer

Another puzzle-themed adventure game with the outstanding name Shot Firer is in front of you. It challenges will knock your socks off, but you will also attain lots of joyful time. Don't wait for anything! Immerse into the game space now!

The mine is the biggest challenge which an adventurer and you must overcome. Let's control this protagonist through all areas of this place to grab colored crystals and importantly exit gates. Remember that each of the areas has the only exit! It's crucial to let him smoothly move on platforms and climb ladders until he reaches the target. Look through all obstacles and rocks for the above valuable items. By the way, hit dynamite to destroy blocks whenever he is in difficult cases.

Get ready to go about Shot Firer? Jump into challenges of this game to know if you are a wise and brave adventurer or not.

Date Added: 2015-04-02

Category: Mine Games

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