Arrow keys are used to move.
The spacebar or the down arrow key is to put dynamite.

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Shotfirer is very wonderful to taste. Many folks asserted that Kruft's Old Mine was referred to as heaven of treasures, but discovering it was not easy because it was in some place on the mountain's top. Today, a brave and wise explorer is lucky to find it out. He is making an adventure in its inside to hunt for precious treasures. Are you eager and excited to play the role as his companion during this trip? Here we go!

It's revealed that the mine is split into some rooms, and the final goal of the explorer is to grab all gems in each one and move towards the exit. Now, help him go on platforms and climb high ladders to find the exit portal while gathering the valuable treasures. Remember to devastate high walls by activating dynamite to open way for him.

It's time to take up challenges of Shotfirer. Get ready? Play and enjoy entertaining moments here now!

Date Added: 2015-04-18

Category: Mine Games

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