Speed Miner 2



Use the arrow keys to break blocks.
Use the Shift key to destroy TNT.
Press the spacebar to use special boosts.

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Speed Miner 2

After having already tasted the first version of Speed Miner, are you expecting any of its innovations? If yes, now it’s time to move on to Speed Miner 2, all players! Perhaps, your curiosity about its gameplay is being aroused. Thus, click on Start to set about it right away! In reference to the basic mission, the game is quite similar to the first version. In other words, all what the players will do is to hit corresponding arrows so as to mine as many colored blocks as possible for getting high scores. There are a lot of interesting levels throughout the game, and one important thing in each one is that the mission must be carried out within a time limit. Besides, don’t forget to explode TNT by using the Shift key. Hurry up! Spend time on enjoying Speed Miner 2 now!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

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