Speed Miner 3



Use the arrow keys to hit targets.
Use the Shift key to devastate TNT.
Use the mouse to move Speed Miner.

Game Details

Speed Miner 3

For those who have already experienced previous versions of Speed Miner, this update will get them more and more surprised due to its innovations. Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you should not refuse Speed Miner 3 in spite of any reason. As for the story of the game, it is about the exploration of a character named Speed Miner; he is trying to infiltrate deep into a rich cave for finding precious stones and ores. Now, he is in need of your support. Let’s go! Mentioning the basic target, the players are requested to get as many points as possible under time pressure. So as to do that, pressing corresponding arrows to mine a lot of blocks is the unique way. Further, when meeting TNT, they need to interact with the Shift key for getting rid of it. Get ready? Play Speed Miner 3 at once!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Minecraft Games

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