Use the arrow keys to control the Minecraft guy.

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Which kinds of sports do you like? Is running in your choices? If yes, let’s try experiencing SteveRun right away, players! SteveRun is relevant to a Minecraft guy who will take part in a forthcoming marathon held in the Minecraft world. Being a person who have many ambitions and desire the victory, this character is practicing running very hard. In fact, it will be better for the guy’s practice if there is your help. Enter SteveRun at once! Come on! The unique challenge of the game is to require the players to control the Minecraft guy so that he can jump over all obstacles along the way and reach the destination. It’s sure that overcoming each of such the obstacles is really difficult for anyone. If being proud of your skill of controlling arrow keys, let’s take up the challenge immediately!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Minecraft Games

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