Sweep Miner




Arrow keys are used to move the miner.

Game Details

Sweep Miner

It's worth relishing Sweep Miner, all guys! Why? Actually, it's a puzzle game which not only keeps you entertained, but also checks your memory. Besides, it also brings a meaningful story. Try it now!

The story is relevant to a kind-hearted miner who always wants to help others around him. He can not sit a place while children are in troubles. They have strayed in a dark mine and not known how to come home. Now it's necessary time for his good deed. He is on the way to their positions and save them. It's better for him to have your guidance in this case because there are deadly holes scattered everywhere. Use your good memories to define dangerous slots in each room of the mine and help him avoid them while he is looking for the children.

Whether the miner can lead the children out of the mine or not largely relies on your memory, players! Enjoy Sweep Miner right now!

Date Added: 2015-04-25

Category: Mine Games

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