Territory War




Protect territory by the mouse only.

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Territory War

Guys, come on and save the world now. At the moment, terrible groups are entering your world and trying to capture it. Are you willing to let your territory fall into these bad forces, guys? If you are confident enough, come on and don’t miss the chance to prove your remarkable abilities. It is time to enjoy Territory War and show yourself. In the game, players will have the support of their team. Firstly, they need to name their team and each member. After that, take them to enemies’ base to expel them from your territory, guys. This is the based-turn game, so once the chances come, try to reduce the enemies’ health bars to zero and kill them. During the fight, please avoid their attacks. If your team is dead, you will lose the game, guys. Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2014-09-17

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