The Mega Parking Blocks




Steer vehicles with WASD or the arrows.
Brake with Space.

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The Mega Parking Blocks

Do you like Minecraft? Do you like parking games? Then, this interesting parking game featuring Minecraft theme – The Mega Parking Blocks – is definitely for you. Give it a try now!

In this world of pixels, it’s all about one thing – parking all the cars as fast as possible without causing any crashing issue. Know what? At this moment, you are offered a very good chance to practice and test your parking skill. Quickly get behind the wheels of a particular fancy vehicle and drive it through the 3D scene. To reach the parking destination correctly, the players must follow the direction arrows. Control and steer the vehicle carefully into the exact parking slot before running out of time. Try to collect all stars along the way while driving, remember!

Will you succeed and finish The Mega Parking Blocks? There are many challenging levels waiting for you here. Good luck!

Date Added: 2016-11-21

Category: Mine Games

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