The World Of Miner




The arrow keys are for moving.
The mouse is to shoot.

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The World Of Miner

Hey, guys! Want to make a very exciting adventure under the ground? If you really love collecting treasures ores and minerals, come on and enjoy the greatest adventure game – The World Of Miner to start the journey now. It is sure that you will be attracted by its fantastic adventure. In the game, a young boy found an underground cave full of precious ores, so he created a very powerful digger to mine them. Now, he is on his way to descend the ground. Why don’t you take your digger and start searching for coal, iron, diamond, and so on? Try to collect as many of them as possible for more money. Along the way, there are lots of rocks on the road. Players have to destroy them before going forwards. Don’t miss the chance to mine equipment with your grenades in order to upgrade the digger and complete the level. Enjoy the journey, guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-14

Category: Free Minecraft

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