Tronic Worlds



ASDW keys are for moving.
R key is to change tools.
The mouse is to mine and build.

Game Details

Tronic Worlds

Are you so excited to explore beautiful worlds? Come on and participate in Minecraft world. There is a series of new games waiting for you there. Don’t wait anymore! Let’s come and enjoy one of the most fantastic creative games – Tronic Worlds. You will be surely attracted by its cool adventure. If you really want to create your own world in a 3D world, this is the best chance. Don’t miss it out. Now, it is time to discover the world and do everything according to your imaginations. Firstly, players have to mine and collect various materials such as stones, wood, rocks, coal, iron, diamonds, and gold by destroying various blocks on the land. After that, select a nice position to place the above materials and set up high buildings. Don’t forget to plant flowers, trees, and grass around to make the world more wonderful. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2014-03-05

Category: Free Minecraft

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