Utopian Mining




Avail arrow keys to move.
The X key is to interact with everything.
The I key is for opening the Inventory.
The J key is to view jobs.
The M key is to open the map.

Game Details

Utopian Mining

A huge storm devastated important buildings in the Minecraft world a few days ago. Now, inhabitants here are planning to rebuild such things. Nonetheless, the tight budget is preventing them from implementing their intention. In this difficult case, mining ores and selling them for money is the only way. The wise robot is entrusted with such task, but it needs your control, all players! Click Start to get enjoyed with Utopian Mining now! Choose the robot’s skin before beginning the underground exploration to earn valuable resources. Control him to dig down the ground and collect all of those expected items until the Inventory is full. Later, move on to some shops to sell them for cash. Pay attention to the Health symbol at the bottom. Don’t forget to step towards the repair shop to recover the robot’s health. Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-05-22

Category: Free Minecraft

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