Use the left mouse to play the game.

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Don’t mind experiencing one more amazing strategy based-fighting game since this game kind is really absorbing, all guys! Ever wonder what the real name of the game we are mentioning here is? It’s exactly Warlords. Just utilize some minutes to explore its content, players! The significant aim of Warlords is very simple. This is to guide soldiers of the home troop to the other side of the fighting field to attack and destroy the opposing fort while keeping the home land always safe. Each time one of the home soldiers gets to the other side, the Territory indicator will gradually move to the right and vice versa. If it covers all of the ways to the right, the players will gain a win. In case that they are ahead after a limited time runs out, they will also reach the victory. Go about the fantastic game right now!

Date Added: 2014-08-25

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