Zombie Crusade




The mouse is to place weapons and units.

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Zombie Crusade

A wonderful kingdom is under attack. Why don’t you show all your abilities to destroy them and save innocent people, guys? Ok, it is time to be a superhero that always protects peace for humans. Play Zombie Crusade and help the king defend his castle and his residents. Look! His warriors are building a series of towers like fire, bombs, sword, a more. Besides, the king is ready for the battle by standing at the end of the path. He cannot command units, and all power belongs to you. Come on and guide the warriors to the right place and kill zombies. Never allow any of them to reach the castle, guys. After finishing a wave, players will earn some money. They can use it to purchase more weapons. Remember that the zombies will be rapacious and do all ways to approach the kingdom, and you have to use all wise tactics to prevent them. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-10-28

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