Zombie Miner

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Build and destroy by using the left mouse.
ASDW keys are used to move.
The 1-9 keys are to avail blocks.

Game Details

Zombie Miner

It's unbelievable! The severe storm yesterday pushed a Minecraft sailor (the main character in Zombie Miner) to a weird island. Actually, here was the zombies' hide-out. They were living under the ground and planning to dominate the whole Minecraft world. They could kill and eat any prey penetrating into their land. The sailor's life is now in a big threat. Save him now!

Here, everything players may aid the sailor is to build a b shelter or a strategic tower for him. Further, if wanting, they can also create every structure in their styles. Look at the bottom! Some materials supposed to be the necessary building items are listed here. They are varied and include lava, chests, mushrooms, sand, flowers, and other blocks. Build the first project by arranging each of them in some ways on the surface until it's completed.

Get access to Zombie Miner and become a good builder here, all guys! Have fun!

Date Added: 2015-03-30

Category: Mine Games

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