Zombie Minesweeper

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The mouse is used for playing Zombie Minesweeper.

Game Details

Zombie Minesweeper

Welcome all players to Zombie Minesweeper, a cool zombie unity 3D game! For those who love strong feelings and weird adventures, the cool game is surely a good choice, and makes them breathless. There is no time to hesitate and wait anymore! Experience it right away! Zombie Minesweeper is related to a brave girl wanting to challenge herself to a deadly jungle full of zombies, monsters, traps, and especially mines. Let’s help her overcome all of these dangers since this is the key target throughout the game. The game is also referred to as a puzzle game which requires the players’ guessing capacity. Then, try to accurately predict the mine’s locations so that the girl does not go on them. If not, she will be destroyed and defeated instantly. Of course, escaping from the jungle will get a win here. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-05-26

Category: Free Minecraft

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