Zone Of Destruction Zod




ASDW keys are to move.
The left mouse is to dig.
The R key is to restart.

Game Details

Zone Of Destruction Zod

Zone Of Destruction Zod tells about an unlucky miner trapped in a dark zone after the mine collapse. Oh no! He is in need of your guidance to escape from here, guys! Set out to work now!

The unlucky man is keeping a shovel and trying to mine everything around him. There are many challenging areas in the dark zone, and to get out of each one requires his right movement. Assist him in this case, players. Observe the whole landscapes inside the zone to define the right direction to reach the surface. Try to activate the shovel and mine along this right way until he leaves the trap successfully. A hint for players is to open the level map to know about the exit portal more clearly and read tutorials before starting to move.

The miner is in an urgent circumstance. Let's enjoy Zone Of Destruction Zod and experience the journey of survival right away!

Date Added: 2015-03-31

Category: Mine Games

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