Adventures of Knight




Use the arrow keys to play Adventures of Knight.

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Adventures of Knight

Adventures of Knight – an adventure platformer-based element physics game describes the cool adventure of a brave knight with the aim of rescuing his beautiful princess. The story began from a mysterious kidnapping at the king’s castle. Afterwards, according to some investigations, the king knew that the horrible Dark dragon caught his daughter and captured her in the top of the deadly mountain. Now, he needs the brave knight’s support to find the pretty princess and quickly escort her to the castle. The biggest reward for this victory is to marry her. Play Adventures of Knight and go with the knight during his adventure right away! Come on for a wonderful wedding of the knight and the princess. Let’s take him along with his horse to go through all traps and obstacles which the dragon has set along platforms. Further, be clever and smart to solve all difficult puzzles to reach the destination. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-10-13

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