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Protect the castle from the evils and at the same time search a huge underground treasure. Do you think that you can cover two challenging tasks, guys? Let’s move to CastleMine and prove your talent! Here we go! At first, players have to dig a tunnel underground by clicking on any block. Then build some necessary towers such as Fire, Freeze, Lightning, etc. Remember that they can’t build any tower below the fire. In addition, try to get some useful items such as gold, relics, skulls, etc. Gold is used to upgrade the available towers. Relics will increase 10% XP; meanwhile, the skulls are used to prevent the evils’ attack. One more special thing is that this game will support some hints to help the players carry out their task efficiently. Try to win this game, all Minecraft lovers! Hope you have more fun!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

Category: Free Minecraft

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