Gold Panic




Use the arrow keys are to move the main character.

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Gold Panic

Do you believe that a puzzle and physics game named Gold Panic can bring some benefits for you? This is totally possible. Open this game and search out those benefits right away!

Because of being a puzzle and physics game, it's split into challenging puzzles like easy and hard levels. To beat up the one, let's move all gold rocks to the miner's cart. It's clear that players must navigate this character in a skillful way so that he can push these items towards the cart. Of course, obstacles, hard objects, and traps will thwart his movement. Be intelligent to choose the right way for the gold rocks. Be careful! If getting stuck in any difficulty, you must restart the current level, but it takes you one from 5 lives.

Gold Panic will help train your brain. Then, why can you skip it? Everything interesting is here. Explore it now!

Date Added: 2015-03-31

Category: Mine Games

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