Idle Mine Ex 2

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This game is just played with the mouse

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Idle Mine Ex 2

Do you know the way to mine for minerals? Have you ever imagined working as a miner? Idle Mine Ex 2 is a game which can show you the way to mine. This game gives you the freedom to raise your miners. You will have many tools such as hammer, axe and other tools. They can help you mine quickly and well. The more you smash the mineral, the more money you get. So, try to use your tools to mine and make the money increase. The next minerals are certainly more difficult to mine than the previous ones. When you have enough money, you will have a chance to buy high-level tools. Then, these new tools can help you work more quickly. Playing this game requires your patience. While the miners use their tools to mine, the players use the mouse to “mine” in Idle Mine Ex 2. Now, let’s play the game to get more experiences!

Date Added: 2014-12-17

Category: Craft Games

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