Idle Mining Co




Use the left mouse to play this game.

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Idle Mining Co

It's asserted that Idle Mining Co is designed for individuals just liking to sit alone and mine precious treasures without colliding with any challenge. Although such a mining process is quite boring, but the game comprises several fascinating things surprising you. Discover it right away!

As saying above, the crucial job of this funny game is mining. Let's mine items inside rich mines so as to collect them. Take a gaze into 4 symbols at the top! They include Miner, Pickaxe, Minecart, and Mineshaft. First, use the available fund to recruit workers from the Miner shop and lead them to the rich mine for the requested job here. After they have brought back a certain number of the precious items, make deals on pickaxes, mineshafts, or mine carts in order to speed up the mining process.

Certainly, you will be a cool miner in Idle Mining Co. Commence the job right away!

Date Added: 2015-04-01

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