Kingdom Rush




The chief key to interact with this game is the mouse.

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Kingdom Rush

King Denas controlled a large and rich territory, so thousands of bad men craved for invading it. One day, those bad guys summoned a horde of dangerous creatures to attack Denas’ territory. Don’t let them achieve this evil ambition! Be nimble-footed to jump into Kingdom Rush to defeat them now! Let’s begin at each place! Build some towers like Arches, Barracks, Mages Guild, Artillery, and so on in order to fight against the creatures. Try to defeat as many as possible to get more coins and use them for the next waves i.e. set up more towers. In addition, don’t forget to avail Specials whenever the number of creatures suddenly increases. Furthermore, this game also unlocks some advanced towers as well as other horrible creatures when the game develops. Attempt their best to accomplish a long and fierce battle and then take a noble win!

Date Added: 2014-08-10

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