Minecraft Tower Defense 2



The chief key to play this game is the mouse.

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Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Let’s move on to a battle between Steve and a troop of enemies in Minecraft Tower Defense 2, guys! Give a helping hand to support Steve to defeat all the enemies. Are you brave enough to perform this mission, all Minecraft fans? Definitely, you are, right? Come with us right now! Firstly, to prevent the enemies’ attacks, players should dig a path towards Steve’s land. Then purchase some cactus traps and put them on the path. The enemies will be defeated when touching the traps. Keep in mind that the more the enemies are destroyed, the more money the players can earn. Owing to that, they can buy more other advanced traps like water, lava, TNT, etc. Don’t let any enemy come to the land successfully. Try to defeat all of them and win a victory. Hope you succeed! Get ready to take action now!

Date Added: 2013-12-07

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