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3D Zombi Cehennemi

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WASD/arrow keys are to move around.
Press spacebar to jump.
Shift is to run.
Press Q/E to switch weapons.
Left mouse is to attack.
Tap F to interact.

Game Details

3D Zombi Cehennemi

Another zombie game brought by Minecraft; that’s, 3D Zombi Cehennemi. The story is about Cellar who escaped from his jail’s room. However, he doesn’t know which ways lead to an exit door. At that time, lots of zombies are wandering around the prison to kill people. You have to go there and help that man to find a way out of the dangerous place. In the beginning, the players are offered some available weapons (sword, gun, and ax); use it to attack the zombies while searching an exit. However, the jail seems like a maze with a lot of branching roads. Players need to be careful because those creepy monsters can hide in everywhere and be ready to attack you. Remember to watch the Health Bar at the bottom. Alright, it’s enough for explaining! Go there and experience this game yourself. Can you survive and conquer 3D Zombi Cehennemi? Let’s see!

Date Added:2014-12-26

Category: Craft Games

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