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60 Second Labyrinth




Use your keyboard to move and jump.

Game Details

60 Second Labyrinth

Go to 60 Second Labyrinth and put your skills to test, players. In this fast-paced platform game, you are provided 60 seconds to work through the maze. Better start running now!

Finishing the labyrinth within 60 seconds is definitely your objective here. As soon as accepting the task, you need to run as fast as possible. Try to run away from the haunted maze before the time is up. Be able to race against the time and make it to the exit safely? Luckily, you can collect green gears scattered along the way for extra time; however, watch out for the red cogs simultaneously – if they hit you, you will lose time. While running, avoid spikes and other dangerous traps – each mistake costs you about 5 seconds, remember.

You think you can complete the mission in 60 Second Labyrinth on time? Show us what you got! Good luck!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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