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Anti Arachnid TD

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The mouse is to play the game.

Game Details

Anti Arachnid TD

Many terrible bugs are entering your planet. Come on and use your cool tactics to destroy all of them and give the peace back to the planet. Are you willing to save your planet, guys? Let’s become the strongest knight and start the battle with these hateful bugs now. Don’t wait anymore and explore Anti Arachnid TD to build a stable defense system to prevent enemies reaching the planet. Look! Civilians built a wavy path out of the planet to slow the bugs down and get more time to set up weapons. Hurry up to use available budgets to buy towers and put them along the path. Once enemies appear, these towers will destroy them. The more bugs are dead, the more funds the players gain. After a successful wave, a new weapon is unlocked. At that time, please use your money to upgrade the towers or purchase the new ones. Hope you win the battle, guys!

Date Added:2014-06-11

Category: Free Minecraft

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