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Bad Eggs Online




Move: A & D.
Select the power and direction: arrow keys.
Shoot: spacebar.

Game Details

Bad Eggs Online

Be quick to select Bad Eggs Online in order to savor awesome moments with other gamers online! Have you ever played against with the others directly on the Internet? This game will become a cool place so that you can experience fascinating feelings. Don’t waste time anymore! Come on, guys! First of all, receive a special egg to start fighting. Players are free to choose any room to confront online opponents. Sound excited, right? They will have an antagonistic battle and their chief task is to take a win in the battle. Got it? The players will own lots of powerful weapons as well as useful skills to attack the opponent. Choose the weapons and then aim and shoot towards the opponent accurately. Besides, beware of their counter attack because both will play in turns. Try not to lose too much HP to come to the final victory! Do your best to attain more wins in this online game!

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