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Block Miner



Using the keys – W, A, and D with the mouse are for playing Block Miner.

Game Details

Block Miner

Exploring the jungle of maple is the necessary thing that all the Minecraft players have to realize in the Minecraft adventure game – Block Miner. In the jungle, a large number of things are below the ground. Those things are dirt, candy ore, maple, grass, sulfur, rarium ore, rough ruby, rough diamond, rough topaz, rough emerald, bronze ore, gold ore, clay and more. Mine all of these things right now! So they are helpful for crafting some tools such as iron bricks, gold brick, clay bricks, dirt brick, diamond bricks, lollipop, red gumdrop, small torch, wood bowl, candy cane, and others. To craft the tools, the Minecraft players have to expand your inventory by clicking on the button – CRAFT.

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