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Bomber Arena

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Hit arrow keys to move and Space to drop bombs.

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Bomber Arena

Get ready to explode all enemies in Bomber Arena? This minecraft-styled 3D bomberman game invites you to visit a block world in which you can move around, drop bombs, and kill other players.

Can you become a great bomberman? Here, you have to involve in a large-scale battle and play against numerous players all over the world. Your chief mission is to blow up as many opponents as possible while seeking a way out through the maze. Move around carefully and drop the bombs to break disturbing walls that will expand your way. Then, for points, you must place TNT nearby the enemies in order to destroy them entirely. Collect power-ups every time you break a wall, remember. To experience more awesome blocky bombing actions and other cool features, players should install Bomber Arena Mods.

Stay alive and don't let enemies trap you in Bomber Arena, ok? Place bombs and make it to the top spot!

Date Added:2016-11-26

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