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Bumper Craft




Control the bumper craft: The arrows.
Take action: Spacebar.

Game Details

Bumper Craft

Are you confident to pass all 30 levels in Bumper Craft, a simple yet addictive skill game, completely? What is the gameplay mainly about? Join us and start finding out!
In this game, the players' major objectives are – navigating your bumper vehicle and searching for the exit. Maneuver your hovercraft to avoid hitting obstacles and reach the whirlpool to proceed to the next level. Be careful of all kinds of obstructions, such as spikes, sharks, and more. In case you collide with any object, the bumper boat will gradually be damaged. Once it runs out of health, the game will be over – remember to keep the vehicle away the sludge, also. Try to finish each stage as soon as possible to attain the high score; otherwise, you won't get any point if too slow.
What is your BEST record when playing Bumper Craft? Get ready to look for all the portals?

Date Added:2016-05-11

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