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Candy Craft

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Throttle increase or decrease: W or S.
Turn & pitch: The arrows.
Roll: AD.
Air brake: Spacebar.

Game Details

Candy Craft

Your birthday is soon to come; and are you planning to make a 'Sweet Candy' party? If so, you need to gather as many candies as possible – Candy Craft can give the players a support!
Guess what? All the sweets for your birthday party were suddenly lost…after hours of searching, it turns out that the candies are floating all over the city. How to get them back? No time for thinking, guys…quickly fly your aircraft in order to collect the sweets before the party begins. Wisely control the vehicle to fly up/down, tilt left/right, and jump over/slide down the obstacles. Have you ever stayed behind the wheel of a plane? If not, here is your chance to show off your capacities to us. Be clever to throttle increase or decrease and remember to use air brake when seeing the dangers.
Can you get the candies back within the limited time? Make no mistake in Candy Craft to achieve stars.

Date Added:2016-05-14

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