Cave Chaos 2




Move and jump with the arrows or WAD.

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Cave Chaos 2

All fellows! Cave Chaos 2, the sequel of the Cave Chaos series, is finally out. Like the previous installment, you will continue escaping a cave before it collapses. Get ready to run for your life!

Once entering this fast-paced platforming multiplayer game, quickly take control of the miners and help them run to the end of each level without dying. The problem is that the floor is constantly falling off the screen, meaning you must keep ahead of it until the end. Try to run as fast as possible and jump above all dangerous obstacles. Provide the characters your journalistic guidance so that they can move smoothly under the dark cave. Well, remember to collect shiny gems and power-ups to get more points and gain strength. You need to avoid the enemies at all cost or they will kill you instantly.

Guide the miners to run along the pathway in Cave Chaos 2. Hope you succeed!

Date Added: 2016-09-12

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