Colony Defenders 2




The mouse is to control the game.

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Colony Defenders 2

Nothing can be greater than the newest version – Colony Defenders TD 2. If you have already played the initial version, you actually look forward to the new one. Because of its new innovations and excitements, all the fans can spend hours on enjoying it. How about you? Come and enjoy feeling how awesome it is. The major task of players is not easy. They must repel swarms of alien invaders by tactically placing defensive turrets by the side of the fixed path which enemies travel on. When these terrible monsters come, the turrets will automatically destroy them. Wow! That is spectacular when sitting at the chair and making cool strategies. Try the best to stop rivals approaching the path out. During the game, please deploy drones and pick up many minerals to power up and upgrade the turrets. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-11-29

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