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Crafty Space




Utilize your mouse to enjoy this game.

Game Details

Crafty Space

Wondering what is happening in the outer space? Travel to Crafty Space and gain experience yourself, all players. Lots of fascinating things are waiting for your exploration.
As soon as setting foot out of the Earth, all you have to do is – building groups of asteroids. Then, drag them around to attract meteors and destroy different kinds of space junks (the enemies). Try to create massive explosions to gain the high score and don't forget to pick up gifts for various power-ups. Pay attention to the bar on the top – it represents the time. Within the limited time, you must achieve as many points as possible. Beware the 'GREEN' meteors since they can steal your meteors. Once you collide with any green object, the game will automatically stop.
What are you waiting for? Jump into Crafty Space and relish the fascinating moments here. Will you accomplish the task? Let's see!

Date Added:2016-05-14

Category: Craft Games

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