Cursed Treasure:Dont Touch My Gems Version




The game is controlled by the mouse only.

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Cursed Treasure:Dont Touch My Gems Version

Get ready to receive your mission right now, guys. You have to protect all of the earned gems from mischievous monsters. Never allow them to touch your treasures. Can you do that task well, guys? Ok, play Cursed Treasure Dont Touch My Gems and start performing your job now. Beat enemies without spending the power so much. The wise tactic is to build different dens, temples, and crypts to stop enemies from carrying the gems off the path. Before playing the game, players have to choose their map. Each of them contains 3 types of grass, tiles, snow, and rock. Each of the kinds of towers is placed in a different place. The dens will be built on the grass, the crypts are built on the snow, and the temples must be put on the rock. Hope you beat the enemies off before they reach your gems, guys. Have fun!

Date Added: 2014-11-27

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