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Dead Squared

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WASD: Move.
Mouse: Aim and shoot.
E: Use weapons.
Q: Alter weapons.

Game Details

Dead Squared

Here comes Dead Squared, an awesome game for all Minecraft fans. You are a secret agent on a dangerous mission – catching all mutants escaping from a secret lab. Be ready to take action? Come on!

There is a major malfunction in the lab called Facility 15 that has released all the weird zombie-liked specimens. Your mission in this thrilling game is to defeat hordes of minecraft-styled zombies for survive. Get your bricky gun. Then, move through dimly lit rooms and shoot everything that moves. Pick up different items after each kill and use the Crafting Machine to build new weapons and upgrade them. Once finished your own firearms, quickly show the monsters how the real firepower is. Shoot as hard as you can to get rid of the squared enemies and run away from the madness.

Blow away monsters of all types in Dead Squared. Can you survive in a lab full of hostile life? Good luck getting out alive!

Date Added:2016-11-26

Category: Mine Games

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