Deadly Neighbours




Use only mouse to play Deadly Neighbours.

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Deadly Neighbours

Want to play something interesting and unique? Let’s set foot to Deadly Neighbours and have your experience! This is an amazing action game in which a family must defeat others in the neighborhood to gain money and weapons. Before starting the game, players should customize their family characters (3 guys). You can name, change clothes, and equip them with the items. Then, you will see a map providing your neighbors’ house. Pick one by one to have a fight with the people in there. When entering the playing ground, let’s control your characters and choose their action. Try to defeat all the enemies to access the next rounds. Don’t forget that players’ family owes Stevie a large amount of money, so try to earn more money to pay for their debt. Get ready to knock all the neighbors down, guys? Have fun!

Date Added: 2015-01-21

Category: Strategy Games

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