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Demonic Flower




The mouse is to enjoy the game.

Game Details

Demonic Flower

The coolest tower defense-type strategy game – Demonic Flower is available on network. Hurry up to grab it and enjoy great moments as killing zombies. In the game, players will lead a large number of warriors and witches through different lands to destroy these hateful baddies. Their aim is to dominate the human world and turn it into their new house. Never allow them to do that, guys. Go and start guiding your units to get ready for big battles. First of all, players need to reach enemies’ base. Then, place their units at the right place to attack the zombies. Look! Each of the sticks is a warrior. You can choose one of the 2 types of troops to destroy rivals. Don’t forget to press buttons to release the enemies. The more zombies are killed, the more funds are earned. Why don’t you use it to upgrade your units and improve their skills? Good luck to you!

Date Added:2014-11-01

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