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Devils Leap 2




Move with the mouse and fire with left mouse.

Game Details

Devils Leap 2

The little devils are back in Devils Leap 2, the sequel to the fun physics-based puzzle game. This time, your ultimate goal, again, is to help the devil defeat all the pesky angels.

In the second installment, you can choose between Think mode and Destroy mode. Sounds cool, right? How to get rid of all the angels or objects on the screen? Simply launch the little devil to clear each stage. Aim well and throw your devil on county, and then you can crush them and move to the next level. Adjusting the trajectory and the force of each launch will be very decisive. Because of the launch limit, use your excellent shooting to eliminate everything provided with as less shots as possible for a high score.

Aim and shoot effectively to succeed in Devils Leap 2. Time to crush all into pieces!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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